This tutorial assumes that you have set up DeployStudio and completed a successful unicast. If not, then please start at the beginning of this Wiki.

First off, view this Video Tutorial. If you are still not multicasting after watching the video, then attempt the following:

Open the Deploy Studio assistant and double-check the following two settings. If you have successfully completed a unicast then your other settings in DS assistant should be fine.

1. Enter your server address using its DNS name. Persons using the IP address have had problems multicasting.
2. Use the defaults for your multicast settings. Some admins mistakenly place their server IP in the "Address" box.

• When you select "Multicast" on your client while netbooted into DS runtime, DS should automatically begin broadcasting the image from your DS server. I had to do this manually at the server using Deploy Studio Admin.

• Check the "Activity" Monitor in DeployStudio Admin to be sure your image is multicasting.

• If you are still unable to Multicast the problem could be your master image. I used three test images. One made using DeployStudio Runtime, (As in the TestLab video), one made using Netrestore Helper, and a third using Disk Utility (See Warren McCullough's "Create a Master Image"). Warren made a compressed image, I made a "read only" image.

• The images I made using DeployStudio Runtime and Netrestore Helper would not multicast. The image made using Disk Utility did. I now use Disk Utility to make my images. I have since made successful images using DS runtime. Didn't do anything different. They just worked. John DeTroye's Deploy Studio PDF has helpful information on building master images for Multicast Deployment.

• When building a master image using DeployStudio it places the image in the folder "WorkInProgress," then moves it over to the "HFS" folder once the image is complete. DO NOT manually move the image out of the "WorkInProgress" folder.

• Once you've successfully completed your first multicast read Mike Bombich's and Brian's articles to learn more about adjusting Multicast data rates.

I'm happy to answer any questions regarding the contents of this page but outside of that you're better off going to the forum.

- dxvxdh dxvxdh Apr 17, 2009