Computer names for all Macs listed in ARD can be easily exported and imported into the DeployStudio repository, eliminating the need for the script. This proved very handy in my situation since the computer names are the stripped out MAC addresses and are used to create Active Directory computer accounts.

  • In ARD, select the "All Computers" list, click "File", "Export List"
  • This will create a saved .plist which can be saved and imported to the DS repository (Salerio/DS/Databases/ByHost)
  • Open DS Admin and click "Computers" in left pane, then click "Server" on top and "Import", choose the .plist export from ARD
  • This will populate the Computers table with all computer names from ARD
  • Now a post-restoration task can be added to the workflow to change the computer name with the information from the database

--- brianmacpherson brianmacpherson Feb 5, 2009