Authenticate to the OS X server using Server Admin to create a share point for holding the repository:
  • In Server Admin, click the File Sharing tab at the top and choose a Volume, then click "Share Points" to list all shares currently shared.
  • If you haven't yet created the share, go back to "Volumes" and click on "Browse"
  • Browse to the folder you want to use for the DS share, or click "Create New Folder" to make one. Click on "Share" when complete, and the new share should be showing when you click back on "Share Points"

Now the first thing to do to a new share point is to set the access for protocols and permissions:
  • With the new share point listed, click the "Share Point" button down below. Make sure nothing is checked and click the "Protocol Options" button
  • If you only need AFP access to this share, click on each of the other protocol buttons along the top (SMB, FTP, NFS) and uncheck the "Share this item" checkbox
  • Click back on the AFP button and make sure the "Share this item" is checked, however "Allow AFP Guest access" can be turned off
  • Set the "Custom AFP name" to your choice, or leave as is, and click OK to save

Now set the POSIX permissions and ACLs if desired
  • Click the "Permissions" button
  • The owner should be the admin, or whoever you created the share with - leave as is
  • The group will be set to an internal apple group - this can be changed to the DSUSERS group you created and left to "Read Only" (mine is called Imaging)
  • The Others user should have no rights to this share - set to "None"
If you use a another third party directory service, like Active Directory (and the server is bound to it), you can also click the plus sign and drag groups or users from other directories into the "ACL" section. This can allow other administrators to be able to read or modify the DS repository (very handy in a mixed environment).

--- brianmacpherson brianmacpherson Feb 7, 2009