I'm using a 50/50 split 150 GB drive with OSX 10.5 and XP SP2.
Image is captured by using a Netboot set and a network repository.
  1. Prepare XP model system the way you want it, Sysprep it, and Reseal.
  2. In DeployStudio Admin, create a workflow to "Create a Master from Volume"
3. The "source" is probably the most important...leave blank to choose manually in DS Runtime, or to automate you will need to find the volume name for the Windows partition.
4. Choose the compression type (keep in mind NTFS images can't be multicasted)
5. Format to Auto to pick up the NTFS
6. Check the "Shrink the NTFS volume" if you plan to restore the image on a smaller volume than the current one.
7. I usually automate as much as I can -- NOTE this will not automate this or any other workflow just by checking this box. This simply automates this task of the workflow. To fully automate you must set this workflow as the default task in DeployStudio Admin
8. After the image has been captured, it will not appear in Masters initially as it will be undergoing post-processing and will eventually be moved from the "Work in Progress" folder for capture into the Masters folder of the repository.

--- brianmacpherson brianmacpherson Feb 8, 2009