Creating Master Disk Images

NOTE - This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a compressed (.dmg) HFS master image for a Mac OS 10.5 client. I will assume you have a functioning DS repository and can authenticate with DS Admin to access workflows, as well as be able to Netboot successfully from a working NetBoot set.

  • Setup a model machine exactly how you want it
  • In DS Admin, click on "Workflows" in the list on the left
  • Click on "Create a master from a volume" in the list of sample workflows (you could create your own here, or even copy the sample one and rename it using the + - Copy buttons at the bottom left
  • There should be a single workflow icon below that says "Image Task", leave that as is
  • Leave Source blank if you want to choose the Volume to create an image of after netbooted into the DS Runtime set, otherwise specify the Volume name you want to image (ie. Macintosh HD")
  • Change "Type" to "Compressed"
  • Leave format to "Auto-detect"
  • Keywords can be left blank, as they seem to be populated with OS version and platform architexture
  • If you want to make a quick image without a particular name, check the "Automate" button.
HINT - Once I complete setting up or changing a workflow, I will click on another workflow either above or below - this seems to trigger a write to the database. I have had problems with the settings not sticking if I didn't do this...similar to the "Tab" requirement in Apple Server Admin.

  • Netboot your model system and if successful you will reach the workflow selection screen
  • Select the workflow you configured (Create a master from a volume ie.) and click Play
  • The image can be renamed on the next screen (if Automate was NOT checked). This is also very useful if you want to make a last minute change to settings, and for specifying to use an external hard drive to send the image to initially, then transfer it to the repository afterwards (though on my network it is faster to send the image directly to the repository on the server).

--- brianmacpherson brianmacpherson Feb 8, 2009