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A new version of DeployStudio has been released, v1.6.13 (stable), the navigation link now takes you to the News page giving you what has changed.

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Some excellent links to other sites covering Mac imaging and deploying!

Why Wiki?

One of the first things that became obvious as I started digging into using DeployStudio was the seeming lack of documentation for anything beyond the basics of setting it up and testing it. While I have to admit that the activity level in the DeployStudio Forums has jumped dramatically since the halt on development of NetRestore, I still firmly believe that the forums have a place of their own, remaining fantastic tools for discussing and generating ideas. What does tend to happen, however, is that a lot of the same questions are asked over and over again. The wiki is truly a collaborative tool to help build a knowledge set and remove the tedious task of answering common questions, while allowing energy to be focused on innovation and improvement of the process -- it's the evolving manual!

Also, since I am working with a full network configuration (netboot + network repository), most of my initial efforts will be documenting procedures related to the network setup. Anyone who can contribute to other areas such as DeployStudio PC, external hard drive setup, Triple Booting, etc. are more than welcome.

First Steps

Getting DeployStudio

You will always want to make sure you are using the latest stable version of DeployStudio since it's being actively developed and there are new features or small bugs being fixed regularly. If there is a feature you find missing or just want to test out the very latest version, try downloading the Nightly Build (should not be used in a production environment).

Setup a Repository

DeployStudio requires access to a repository, either local or available on the network, in order to store and retrieve disk images, packages, scripts, and configurations. Although this step can be done at anytime, it certainly makes sense to have this step done and known to be working before getting to the DS Repository configuration screen, particularly if using network storage. While this shouldn't be a major stumbling block to most, setting up an efficient and secure network share is a great foundation for DeployStudio.

DNS Setup

A proper DNS setup is important for DeployStudio components referencing the server, as well as many other functions on the network. If you already have a DNS server on the network, you can add an address record there for your DeployStudio server.
Verifying DNS Integrity


The Quick Install Guide on the DeployStudio site provides an excellent visual guide for basic installation, and is the starting point for any installation. This wiki will be useful for documenting unexpected results or for things that may go awry.

DeployStudio Server

DeployStudio Admin

DeployStudio PC


Importing Computer Names from Apple Remote Desktop
Using Groups
Master Server Setup
Replica Server Setup

Master Images

A quick tutorial on how to get started creating disk images with DeployStudio Runtime and Netboot
Creating a NTFS Master Image on Bootcamp 2.x


Automated Dual-boot XP Mac Setup
ASR Multicasting
Multicasting Basics


For anything not directly related to DeployStudio, but still useful in the overall system management process
Automating Volume Blessing from in Windows
Mac OS X and Active Directory Integration


Information regarding Kerberos print daemon from Deploy Studio


This wiki is not an official DeployStudio site , but rather a way for users of this excellent product to share knowledge and save time. This site is and will continue to be a work in progress, so if something is missing feel free to contribute. I will reserve the right to make modifications to the formatting in an attempt to keep a standard layout for readability. USE THIS SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK

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